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Vaikobi 29er GP Series 2021/22
18-Dec-2022 - 10-Apr-2022

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Events > Vaikobi 29er GP Series 2021/22 > Entry List

Sail No Boat Name Boat Type Sub Class From Skipper Crew
29er Female BELMONT 16S/MANLY 16FT SC Aimee Gallaway Luca Dawson
29er Male BELMONT 16S/NCYC Christian Spencer Sebastian Spencer
1848 Appliances Online
29er Male Belmont 16 Joel Beashel Logan Radford
1849 Phyllis
29er Male HHSC Healy Ryan Lachie Pryer
1850 Keep Calm And Sail On
29er Male HHSC Andrey Butko Clarence Mak
29er Male BYRA Owen Gillmeister Orlando Sadlik
2068 Foamfast
29er Female HHSC Hannah Kernohan Ciara Bartels
2126 Sendit
29er Male RPAYC Charlie Johnson Hugo Butterworth
29er Male Ollie Ross Harry Gill
2199 Whiplash
29er Male HHSC Thomas Bryden Miles Angus
29er Male HHSC Spencer Oxnam Clarence Mak
2237 2237
29er Male MHYC Julien Williamson Harry Gill
2238 Clewless
29er Male HHSC Harry Ashton Nathan Byrne
2239 2239
29er Male RPAYC/MHYC Louis Tilly Nick Stenger
2240 Notorious
29er Female RPAYC Olivia Williams Sabine Westley
29er Male TASC Craig Wright Rohan Perceval
2463 Big Rig
29er Female MHYC Sophie Hart Bella Divola
2483 Duchess
29er Male MHYC/M16SSC Sam Stodart Eddie Coates
29er Male WSC Charlie McKechnie Sam Carroll
29er Male RPAYC Albie Brown Walter Tuite
2680 AmFast
29er Male RPAYC Orlando Springer Will Troop
2681 TBA
29er Male Sbsc James Gough Eddie Reid
2683 Out There
29er Male RPAYC Liam Parker Lachlan Wallace
2683 (NA) TBA
29er Male Rpayc Cooper B Osverity
29er Male Rqys Angus Wheatley Luke Rogers
2686 Boatylicious
29er Female HHSC Bezi Saunders Lauren Jamieson
2688 Blue Lion
29er Male RPYAC Elliot Verhaeghe Josh Paulson
29er Male Rqys Thomas Whitmore Matthew Sloman
2868 Double Trouble
29er Female RPAYC Piper Attwood Annabelle Sampson
2877 Screamin seamen
29er Male GSC Kye Rivers Jacob West
29er Female RPAYC Sara Bruce Hannah McCutcheon
2961 Az If
29er Female HHSC Caitlin Hartnett Stella Hurley
29er Female BYRA/RPAYC Sophie Aitken Rose Cookson
3014 Trevor
29er Male HHSC Aiden Hodzic Ethan Lozevski
3015 Speed Racer (3084)
29er Male WSC Jacob Marks Ryan Ewings
3017 Toms Tub
29er Male WSC Max Nearn (Tom Whitehead ) Darcy Nielson
3028 Manic
29er Male MHYC Tyler Dransfield Jamie Stodart
29er Mixed RQYS Seisia Mair Joe Folley
3050 *
29er Male RPAYC Angus Renton Ellis Merrett
3082 3082
29er Female HHSC Jacqui Vanzella Cindy Li
3138 Bust Up
29er Male HHSC Thomas Quinlan Benjamin Harrington
3142 Hakuna Matata
29er Female RPAYC Sienna Brown Darcy Robbins
3185 BigWheels
29er Male MHYC Ben Crafoord John Cooley
29er Male WSC Keizo Tomishima Connor Warner
3188 Sketchy
29er Female RPAYC Eva Attwood Belle Holdsworth (Sabine Westl
461 FireX
29er Male RPAYC Daniel Leupen Harry Browne
29er Mixed TASC Griffin Suters Eliza Kirby

Total boats: 47


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